About Me

Thanks for visiting my blog! My name is Kaitlyn Helka. All my family and friends call me Kate. Despite the name of my blog, I am not labeling this as a Christian blog. I started this blog in hopes that through my experiences and my wisdom, that I can not only encourage others, but maybe be able to help others know the love of Christ. This is not a Christian blog, it’s more of a way for me to tell my story and my life experiences. I just so happen to love Jesus…A LOT. So, a lot of my posts will be about my faith.

If you choose to read my blog, first of all, let me say Thank You! Not only are you the readers, but you are what makes me more encouraged to write. I am hopeful that by my posts, you will take something from my blog. Whether it’s encouragement, joy, maybe even healing from something you have encountered similar to me. When you read my blog, you are reading the authentic me. I’m not the kind of person to make something up or elaborate with false information just to make a story better.

Let me give you a look into what you will read in my posts. You will read some joyful posts, even some silly at times. You will also read posts where I talk about my childhood. I had a very traumatic and life changing childhood. Many posts, you will find, will discuss my journey to forgiveness, finding peace, and relying on God for my strength. Then, you’ll read about those marriage posts. Yes, the good and bad. No marriage is perfect. Shoot…marriage isn’t easy. But, you will hear my thoughts on the ups and downs of marriage, the joy and gift of marriage, and the great adventure is.

I also am a STRONG believer in the power of essential oils. I am a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils. No, I’m not going to make posts in order to promote my business. I actually don’t promote my business on any social media format. I have been so impacted by the power and natural strength from using essential oils, that I love sharing my experience in using oils with others. Some of my posts will be about how you can use certain oils while others may go more in detail about the healthy benefits of using oils. Whether you use oils for health reasons, for emotional reasons, or even just because the smell good. I hope you enjoy reading my posts about essentials oils.

I have a very powerful testimony that recently, I have felt God asking me to share it with others. I hope you find encouragement and joy when you read my posts and I ask that if you do feel that way, please share with others so the love of Jesus can continue to be shared. Again, I am not labeling this as a Christian Blog. I will, however, label this as a blog told by a woman of faith who shares her past experiences, real-life marriage ups and downs, and the trials of her family and herself so that you and anyone who chooses to read this will know the authentic me and see the true grace of God.