Falling in love with God

God is not just my creator. He is my most forgiving and loyal friend. He is a selfish and selfless God at the same time. He is selfish in the sense that He is a jealous God. He wants our full love and attention solely on Him. He is a selfless God in that everything He does is for good. He is a powerful God but He knows when to be vulnerable like sacrificing His son for sinners. He is a parent to all of us as well as our Judge. Falling in love with God saved my life. Being a victim of child abuse made me a very scared and anxious child. Being a victim of a mother who hurt me and called me names made me value compliments by others more. Yet because of her pain towards me, it also caused me to be very hard on my self. Yet the love I receive from God overpowers all wickedness of this world. I have said for years that I don’t feel that I belong on this world. My purpose is made for Heaven with whom I love more than any explanation this world can provide. I wish I could explain to you the intense joy I found when I built a relationship with my true love who is Love itself. God is Love. Jesus is Love. Both fill me in ways that this world would never even be able to compare. He is my strength…my happiness…my encourager…my friend…my Father…my God. His is my God. He is mine. And I am His. He named me His before I was born. He bought me with His blood. He sacrificed His son for me. Can you imagine sacrificing your own child for someone who has committed a crime? Or for someone who didn’t know you, let alone loved you. God did. He did that for me. And He did that for you. 

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