Your life is not about you…

The Bible is such a beautiful tool. God wants us in His word daily. But,sometimes we get busy with life. We forget to read our Bible one day. We forget to go to Church one Sunday. We forget to attend a Bible study or a special sermon. No matter what the reasons are that prevent us from diving into the word, we missed that time with God. Often times, I feel guilty for chosing to skip out on time that I could have spend with the Lord. If I am sick, I don’t feel like going to Church that day. If I had a stressful day at work, I might not feel like going to a Bible study. But, we need to remember that God created us to be servants of Him with our time. God spent 6 days making us and this world perfect. Yes, God was tired. But, He chose to rest only once all the work had been completed. On the 7th day, after He accomplished the creation and process of building our world, he rested. Many times, we use the excuse “Well I’m sick” or “I just want to go to home and go to bed after a stressful day.” Yes, I understand that we are sinners and we are not always able to be present in God’s words. God is a jealous God. He wants all our time devoted to Him and His mission. As followers of the Lord, we need to be actively seeking Him regardless of our worldly excuses. However, what helps me feel less guilty is knowing that God knows how much I love Him. God forgivess us for not being able to focus on Him 100% of the day. It’s not easy being an active and deovted follower of God. But, it is so rewarding. Sometimes, we are going to miss Church. Sometimes, we are going to be out of town and can’t attend Bible study. But, when you give God back part of your day, even if it’s a few minutes in your car on the way to work, or while you are on hold with a customer service representative, God is thankful. He LOVES when we spend time with Him. The more we spend time with Him, we learn more about Him. We learn more about His purpose for us. Remember, life gets busy, but your life is not about you. Your life is about God. Your life is about doing what God wants of you. You do have a purpose. When you choose to give God part of your day everyday, you will represent God is your life. You will be a vessle of God’s word and His will. God’s love will shine through you and that is such an amazing feeling.

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